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Chris Miller, the author of the book “Chip War: The Struggle for the Most Important Technology in the World,” says,

“We are living in a state of conflict and war that sweeps across the world. Almost everywhere in the world, we witness in the media numerous scenes of bloodshed and destruction, be it in Syria, Ukraine. Entire regions have been devastated, and what’s astonishing is that the means of this destruction are made from essential and rare materials that nature has provided for us to use wisely and help humanity live in dignity and prosperity. 
The struggle over a small piece accelerates the world, pushing it towards new dimensions. semiconductor chip, which power modern technologies, are made up of millions or even billions of tiny circuits. The most advanced chips possess the highest level of computing power. Their tremendous growth has led to a global arms race among the great powers. They compete for what we may call “the oil of the twenty-first century.” I created semiconductor chip art, taking inspiration from images seen in the media, derived from war zones and the aftermath some photos in Gaza destruction of entire buildings. People view them from different perspectives, but as humans, we have limited and emotionally biased abilities to comprehend and process these events, particularly in the current age of illusion we are living in. 
I transformed these images into stone sculptures using @monolithography techniques and onto copper using @etchinggraphy techniques. I attempted to create something that expresses the destruction caused by these chips, despite their assistance in various other aspects. This work will be part of a series of sculptures, and its printing will simulate the current reality, freezing time at this moment without any manipulation by the artist or the audience. It will serve as a witness for future generations to the pain caused by this piece. 

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